SHIMA SEIKI, the global leading manufacturer of flat-bed knitting machines, will be exhibiting at Booth #L4 at Premiere Vision New York.

We will be showcasing our Total Fashion System called the SDS-ONE APEX3, and one of the most sustainable forms of knitting called WHOLEGARMENT®. Knitted entirely without seams, WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology allows for excellent seam-free fit, comfort, and draping, and is applicable across all industries including fashion, sportswear/outdoor, medical, and industrial.

SDS-ONE APEX3 is a design workstation that streamlines various stages within the fashion supply chain, from planning and design to production and even sales promotion. Its super-realistic simulation can be used for Virtual Sampling, ultimately eliminating the need and wastage for costly and time-consuming sampling shortening your overall development and production lead-time.

Visit us at the Booth# L4 to learn more about our MACH2XS machine and SDS-ONE APEX3,
and see how SHIMA SEIKI can be your sustainable solution.

Visit the PVNY Website for more information about our booth below:

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