SHIMA SEIKI has strived continuously to develop products that benefit the industry under the corporate motto “Ever Onward,” the culmination of which can be considered WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology. Beginning with the world`s first fully automated glove knitting machine as its roots, we`ve made great strides to achieve the exclusive and valued WHOLEGARMENT 3D knitting technology. Celebrating our 20th anniversary,

SHIMA SEIKI has developed the new MACH2XS, a machine that has turned the impossible into possible, by successfully mounting spring-type sinkers on a 4-needlebed WHOLEGARMENT machine.


SHIMA SEIKI`s WHOLEGARMENT is one of the most sustainable forms of textile production in existence by producing an entire garment without material waste, therefore, helping return knit production to the US market reducing energy and costs required in shipping from offshore locations.


For three decades of dedicated service, Shima Seiki U.S.A. continues our mission to provide the best possible means of support to benefit our industry.


Our SHIMA SEIKI Design of New York(DCNY) located in the heart of the fashion industry in Manhattan opened in 2006 to enhance the apparel market and now, we are excited to open our new Los Angeles facility offering complete knit development support.


SHIMA SEIKI U.S.A. is proud to be your comprehensive source for all of your knitting needs.


Sincerely yours,

Seiichi(Senna) Nakaya

Company Shima Seiki U.S.A. Inc.
President Seiichi (Senna) Nakaya
Established 23 April 1986
Type of Business Sales, marketing, and service of :
– Computerized flat knitting machines
– Seamless glove and sock knitting machines
– Computer graphic systems
– Other peripheral equipment
– Planning, manufacturing, and sales of knitted products
Mission Statement Serving your knitwear needs in North America
Headquarters 22 Abeel Road, Monroe Township., New Jersey 08831 U.S.A. | TEL: 609-655-4788 | FAX: 609-655-3989
Offices Shima Seiki Design Center of New York:501 7th Avenue Suite #412, New York, NY 10018 | TEL: 212-391-4020 | FAX: 212-391-4016
California Market Center: 110 East Ninth Street Suite A-Lobby, Los Angeles CA 90079 U.S.A. | TEL: 213-630-3600