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1937 The current president Masahiro Shima is born in Wakayama.
1953 Shima invents the Double Loop Stitch Sewing Machine
1954 Shima invents the Elastic Yam insertion Device and gloves using elastic yam.
1960 Shima develops a Semi-Automatic Motor Device for Glove Knitting Machines.
1961 Shima establishes Sanshin Seiki Mfg.Ltd.,preprocessor of SHIMA SEIKI. Sanshin Seiki begins production of Semi-Automatic Motor Device.
1962 Masahiro Shima establishes SHIMA SEIKI Mfg.,Ltd. in Wakayama City,Wakayama Prefecture, with the goal to develop and produce glove knitting machines which are completely automated.
1964 SHIMA SEIKI successfully produces a fully automated glove knitting machine.
1966 SHIMA SEIKI establishes Shima Idea Center.
1967 SHIMA SEIKI begins production of the FAC fully automated collar knitting machine, and extends its business into the flat knitting machine arena.
1968 Owing to the increasing size of the company, a new factory and office are constructed in Sakata, SHIMA SEIKI’s current location. SHIMA SEIKI develops the world’s first fully automated semi-full fashion knitting machine, the SF.
1969 SHIMA SEIKI exhibits its fully automated semi-full fashion knitting Machinery Exhibition. The company’s presence at this show ensure it a prominent place among manufactures of the flat knitting machine.
1970 SHIMA SEIKI develops and manufactures the world’s first fully automated seamless glove knitting machine, the SFG. SHIMA SEIKI develops the SL fully automated double cam transferring semi-jacquard flat knitting machine.
1971 SHIMA SEIKI displays its full product line at the ITMA exhibition in Paris. Upon receiving international acclaim, SHIMA SEIKI begins exproting its products. SHIMA SEIKI develops the SPL fully automated plating and lacing flat knitting machine. SHIMA SEIKI develops the New-SF fully automated semi-full fashion flat knitting machine.
1972 SHIMA SEIKI receives an award for its technological merit from the Science and Technology Agency in Japan. SHIMA SEIKI receives an award for its development of automated machinery form the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry. SHIMA SEIKI receives an award from the Medium and Small Business Research Institude.
1975 SHIMA SEIKI develops the SJG fully automated jacquard pattern glove knitting machine and receives a gold medal award for this invention at an industrial fair in Leipzing, Germany. SHIMA SEIKI receives an Encouragement Prize from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.
1976 SHIMA SEIKI develops the fully automated transfer-jacquard flat knitting machine, the ST-J.
1977 SHIMA SEIKI develops the fully automated transfer semi-jacquard full fashion flat knitting machine, the DSF.
SHIMA SEIKI.SHIMA SEIKI develops the TMS Tape-Making System.
1978 SHIMA SEIKI opens a new sector of the flat knitting machine industry with the release of the SNC series Shimatronic computerized jacquard flat knitting machine.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the TMS Tape-Making System

1979 SHIMA SEIKI receives the Okochi Memorial Foundation Technical Award for its development of the fully automated jacquard glove knitting machine.

SHIMA SEIKI establishes Knitmac Engineering Co., Ltd.,(Knitmac Co., Ltd., of today)

SHIMA SEIKI develops the fully automated tuck jacquard glove knitting machine, the STJ.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the fully automated seamless pile glove knitting machine,the SPG.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the famed SEC computerized flat knitting machine.

1980 Shima Fine Press Co., established.

SHIMA SEIKI receives National Commendation for Invention from the Japan Institute of Invention (JIII) for glove knitting method.

1981 Nanpuso,a guest facility and training center for providing technical guidance to Shima users, opens in Wakayama. SHIMA SEIKI develops the SDS-1000 Shimatronic Design System.
1982 The Osaka Branch Office opens.

The Knit Design Center (currently Total Design Center)opens.

SHIMA SEIKI improves the seamless glove knitting machine through computerization, successfully allowing the production of gloves in a single process on its SFG series.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the computerized flat knitting machine, the SET.

1983 SHIMA SEIKI displays its full product line at IMTA exhibition in Milano, Italy. The main attraction of Shima’s exhibit, the Total Knitting System, gains high recognition from international participants.
1984 SHIMA SEIKI develops the SDS-310 Shimatronic System.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the DSCS digital stitch control system.

1985 SHIMA SEIKI establishes its subsidiary, SHIMA SEIKI Europe, Ltd in Milton Keynes, U.K. SHIMA SEIKI receives worldwide acclaim for the development of its computer graphic system line-up, including the SDS-380.
1986 SHIMA SEIKI Mfg., Ltd, Taipei Branch opens in Taiwan.

SHIMA SEIKI establishes its first U.S. subsidiary, SHIMA SEIKI USA, Cranbury, New Jersey.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SDS-480 apparel multi design system.
1987 The Tokyo Branch Office opens in Akasaka, Tokyo. SHIMA SEIKI develops the Micro-SDS Shimatronic Design System.
1988 SHIMA SEIKI develops and markets the PGM-2 apparel CAD system.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the computerized flat knitting machine, the SEK.

At the 4th Osaka Texttile Machinery Show (OTEMAS), SHIMA SEIKI introduces its long-anticipated next-generation computerized flat knitting machine, the SES series.

1989 SHIMA SEIKI receives the 3rd Tokyo Creation Award for its development and merit of Shimatronic Design Systems. SHIMA SEIKI develops the HYPER PAINT Shimatronic Design Systems.
1990 SHIMA SEIKI’s new headquaters building is completed.
1991 SHIMA SEIKI establishes SHIMAX ITALIA in Milan, Italy. The development of the SuperMicro SDS allows productivity of up to sixty times that of conventional systems.

SHIMA SEIKI introduces the SES122-s computer-controlled flat knitting machine with full-time spring-loaded sinker system.

SHIMA SEIKI enters the CAD/CAM field with its P-CAM computerized fabric cutting machine.

1992 The Nagoya Branch Office opens. SHIMA SEIKI introduces the high-definition Arcograph 482 high-end computer graphic design system with realtime processing capability.
1993 SHIMA SEIKI receives the Tecnica della Confezione International Award.

SHIMA SEIKI receives the 14th Fashion Culture Award.

SHIMA SEIKI introduces the SES122RT computerized flat knitting machine with 4-bed configuration for unprecedented transfer capabilities.
1994 SHIMA SEIKI receives the Jubilee Award from the Textile Institute of Great Britain.

Total Design Center is established.

SHIMA SEIKI introduces the world’s first computerized hybrid flat knitting machine with wrap insertion capability, the SPL102CS.
1995 SHIMA SEIKI introduces the SWG-series, the world’s first commercially productive computerized WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine, at the 12th ITMA exhibition in Milano, Italy.
SHIMA SEIKI introduces a new line of the Shimatronic Design System including the SDS-HP3.
SHIMA SEIKI develops and markets the P-CAM160 single-ply fabric cutting machine.
1996 SHIMA SEIKI’s company shares are publicly listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

SHIMA SEIKI receives the 18th Senken Shimabun Newspaper Award.

1997 SHIMA SEIKI receives the Business Manager Award from Zaikai Keykyusho. The SWG-FIRST computerized flat knitting machine featuring the newly developed SlideNeedle debuts at the 6th OTEMAS.
1999 SHIMA SEIKI receives the 19th Business Leaders’ Award from Mainichi Shinbun Newspaper.

SHIMA SEIKI receives the Award for its achievement in Industrial Property from the Japan Patent Office.

SHIMA SEIKI displays its full line-up of SWG-V, SWG-X and SWG-FIRST WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines at the 13th ITMA exhibition in Paris.
2000 SHIMA SEIKI opens new “Communication Space “showrooms at its Tokyo and Osaka branch offices.
SHIMA SEIKI ships its 10,000th computer graphic design system.
SHIMA SEIKI develops its All-in-One design system, the SDS-ONE.
2001 SHIMA SEIKI establishes the SHIMA SEIKI Design Center of Milano in Italy.
2002 SHIMA SEIKI celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a gala event and fashion show.

SHIMA SEIKI obtains ISO9001 certification for Design and Manufacturing of Apparel Design Systems.

SHIMA SEIKI releases its new SIP-100F printing system.
2004 SHIMA SEIKI receives Special Achievement Award from Senken Shimbun Newspaper. New machines are introduced in successor , including the SWG201, SWG-X8 gauge and 15 gauge model WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines, the NewSES122 and 123Si, as well as the NewSFG 18 guage model.
2005 SHIMA SEIKI receives the Kansai Zaikai Semianr Award 2005 Grand Prize from the Kansai Economic Federation and Kansai Association of Corporate Executives.

SHIMA SEIKI’s solar-powered electrical generation facility is completed, resulting in one of the largest solar-electric facilities in the Japanese private sector with a total output of 1130kw.

SHIMA SEIKI receives the Design Excellent Company Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

SHIMA SEIKI introduces the LAPIS hybrid wrap/weft machine equipped with SlideNeedle.
2006 SHIMA SEIKI receives the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for achievements in intellectual property management.

SHIMA SEIKI establishes the SHIMA SEIKI Design Center of New York.

SHIMA SEIKI establishes Shima Seiki Win Win Ltd., a sales subsidiary in Hong Kong.

SHIMA SEIKI accquires Nova Knits develop the WHOLEGARMENT market in the Unite States.

SHIMA SEIKI acquires Shima-Orsi S.r.l.of Milan, Italy and establishes a direct sales system for the Italian market.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SSG and SIG series of flat kniiting machines with WideGauge technology and outstanding cost performance.
SHIMA SEIKI begins sales of its SPF-W five-toe sock knitting machine.
2007 SHIMA SEIKI receives the 53th Okochi Memorial Foundation Grand Production Prize for the “Development of advanced manufacturing systems of knit products utilizing the WHOLEGARMENT Computerized Flat Knitting Machine and the Shimatronic Design Workstation SDS-ONE”.

SHIMA SEIKI Win Win Shanghai established in order to expand its sales network in China.

SHIMA SEIKI receives the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for Green Development efforts including factories that blend in with their natural surroundings.

SHIMA SEIKI celebrates its 45th Anniversary with a gala event and fashion show.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SDS-ONE APEX which expresses WHOLEGARMENT designs in 3D.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the MACH2X and MACH2S WHOLEGARMENT knitting with over twice the productivity of previous knitting machines.

2008 SHIMA SEIKI establishes SHIMA SEIKI Korea Inc. in Seoul.

SHIMA SEIKI opens the Knit Museum in a multi-purpose business complex in Wakayama City.

SHIMA SEIKI establishes Toyoboshi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

SHIMA SEIKI computerized flat knitting machine sales reach 100,000 machines.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA adopts WHOLEGARMENT as daily wear for its astronauts on-board spacecraft.

SHIMA SEIKI develops and markets the P-CAM160L single-ply automated leather cutting machine.
2009 The Knit Museum is reopened as the Fusion Museum Knit x Toys.

SHIMA SEIKI acquires SHIMA SEIKI Spain, S.A.U and establishes a direct sales system for the Spanish market.

SHIMA SEIKI acquires SHIMA SEIKI Portugal LDA. and establishes a direct sales system for the Portuguese market.

SHIMA SEIKI participates in Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo and holds the WHOLEGARMENT TOKYO 2009 fashion show, following shows in Milan, Rome and New York in the previous year.

2010 The ltalian Republic awards Masahiro Shima with the honorary title of Commander of the Order of the Star of ltalian Solidarity for his contributions to the ltalian fashion industry.

The Japan Space Exploration Agency(JAXA)adopts WHOLEGARMENT knitwear as intra-vehicular wear for Japanese astronauts in the Space Shuttle program.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the compact and efficient SSR series computerized flat knitting machine.
2011 SHIMA SEIKI ships its 100000th computerized knitting machine overseas.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SWG-FIRST154 S21 computerized flat knitting machine, the world’s first flat knitting machine capable of knitting in 21 gauge.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system with greater performance and higher speeds in producing simulations.

SHIMA SEIKI develops the SCG122SN computerized coarse gauge flat knitting machine equipped with SlideNeedle and capable of producing a wide range of fabrics.

2012 Marked the 50th anniversary on February 4.

Completes construction of the FA3 plant, which is dedicated to the assembly of WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine.

President Masahiro Shima is inducted into the Hall of Fame to American Textile History Museum.

Boots the MACH2X lineup with the development of the MACH2X123 computerized WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine, which offers power savings and smaller footprint.

Develops the P-CAM120C computerized cutting machine to support industrial materials including carbon fiber and composites.

2013 Introduces the SRY123LP, a computerized flat knitting machine featuring newly developed loop presser beds.

Introduces the SVR series computerized flat knitting machine.

Develops the SIP-160F3, an inkjet printing machine featuring a new ink circulation and degassing system.

2014 President Masshiro Shima receives an honorary degree of Doctor Business Administration from Drexel University,USA. Introduces the SWG-N2 series computerized flat knitting machines.
2015 SHIMA SEIKI Headquarters obtains ISO 14001 certification. Introduces the MACH2XS, the world’s first computerized WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine featuring moveable full sinkers,which are mounted on 4 needle beds.