SHIMA SEIKI's line of computerized knitting machines and apparel design systems are at the leading edge of flat knitting technology whose quality, reliability and value are unrivaled. Click on the links below to view the latest line of SHIMA SEIKI products (You will be redirected to the SHIMA SEIKI Global Website products page).

Originally founded on the challenge of developing the world's first automated glove knitting machine, Shima Seiki has since been at the forefront of knitting technology.  With consistent advancement in original technology that anticipates market needs, Shima Seiki's computerized knitting machines have now become the global standard.

Computerized Flat-Bed Kinitting Machines - The latest computerized technology

WHOLEGARMENT Knitting Machines - Knitting 3-dimensionally, in one piece

Glove and Sock Kinitting Machines - The original Shima Seiki product line

Developed originally as pattern preparation systems for knitting machines, Shima Seiki's computer graphic design sytems now feature multi-DSP parallel processors, ultra-high speed real-time graphics, and specialized high-capacity graphic memory. By developing both hardware and software in-house, they offer an ideal combination of power, speed, functionality and user-friendliness specially customized to the knit, fashion and textile industries worldwide.

Design Systems - All-in-One support of various stages within the fashion supply chain. 3D design system supporting 3D mapping and simulations. Specialized software makes it ideal for fashion design, clothing design and apparel design.